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    It's always something isn't it? Every time I blink one of us has a problem. Is your life like this too? Can't sleep, no energy, diet isn't working, someone is sick, allergies are acting up, something hurts, I feel stressed, my husband is anxious, someone can't poop (funny but true!) And as the mom, I'm supposed to know how to fix it all right?


    This is how I became obsessed with dōTERRA essential oils and products because they have simple, effective and affordable ways to fix things. Everyday things and more serious issues. And it's a bonus that they're safe and natural, and help us reduce our toxic load big time.


    dōTERRA oils can even do what drugs can't, like kill a virus. That trick comes in handy often! They have also been a life saver for my Alex who has special needs. And as a health and essential oil coach, I have taught more than 400 families all my tricks! See my menu options below if you want to learn too.


    You will not get this kind of help with any other oils. Period. The plants used for dōTERRA oils are grown and sourced to be more potent. And they never have fillers or chemicals, unlike all the other oils on the market. Even ones labeled 100% pure are full of scary stuff. dōTERRA is the only brand testing 8 different ways to be sure they are safe.The oils from Whole Foods, Amazon or the health store have fragrance and ethyl alcohols to stretch them and trace chemicals and pesticides from the growing and distillation process. They are a waste of money too because you have to use 10 drops to even smell it. You only use 1 to 2 drops each time with dōTERRA.


    And those other oils don't come with me as your oil coach on speed dial. I have cheat sheets for everything (child and pet dilution guides, easy blend sheets, etc) and make it all so easy. I will even personalize the uses to your health goals. Ready for the best part? My help is FREE!


    dōTERRA oils are the only ones doctor approved – safe for kids, pets, and internal usage. Used in hospitals across the U.S. to help the body take care of so many things. So safe they are being used on brand new babies in the NICU. These are the perfect tool to take care of your family, and for that self care thing we are all so bad at :)


    One day, or day one? You decide. These products + my coaching will help you reduce toxic load, balance hormones, lower inflammation, reset gut health, create emotional stability and take control of your health from the inside out! And be a supermom with all the answers that make your family feel better. The easiest way to get started is to grab a discounted starter bundle by clicking here. But you can also hit the customize button and shop at retail, or wholesale if you want save money Costco style.


    XOXO Hey Oil Girl

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